Whether it’s been your dream to spot the Big Five in their natural habitat, to unleash your binoculars and chart the varied bird species that call our bountiful region home, or to simply relax in unspoiled nature, a trip to Moditlo River Lodge, near the Kruger National Park, will afford you all this and more.

We often get asked what to pack for a visit and whilst the weather will vary depending on the time of year that you visit, what we recommend for your stay with us largely remains the same.

Clothing Choices

There is a common misconception that South Africa is hot all year round but depending on the time of year that you visit, you can often find that the nights and early mornings bring with them a chill and we advise that the most sensible wardrobe selection is a layered one. Long-sleeve tops that can be worn over vests are ideal and they also help to protect against insect bites as well as the growing heat in the summer months. Lightweight sweaters, and zip-up jackets that can be folded away are a must for the game drives, and a shawl to throw over your shoulders offers comfort as the sun goes down.

If you’re visiting us in the winter months, tuck in a pair of gloves, a hat and possibly a small scarf – you’ll be thankful for them on the morning game drives – though we do provide blankets and a steaming cup of coffee to warm you up.

As for colour, whilst there is absolutely no rule about wearing khaki on safari, we do suggest steering away from kitting out your wardrobe with entirely new garb that you may never wear again or bringing very bright clothing with. The key is to be comfortable, to be you, and to immerse yourself in the surroundings.

These shoes are made for walking

Even for our walking safaris, it’s not necessary to haul a heavy pair of hiking boots with you which can cost you valuable luggage weight. For game drives, walks and exploring, a sturdy pair of trainers is a great choice for protecting your feet, and for leisurely days around our pool and communal lounge, flipflops are perfect. For dinner in the evenings, a pair of sandals or loafers will add some sophistication.

Dressed for dinner

Dressing up in the evenings is certainly not a requirement for your stay with us, but we have found that guests enjoy turning out in a light-weight pair of chinos, paired with a smart shirt or even a dress for the ladies with a shawl for dinner around the campfire in our open-air boma. Our inspired chefs make our dining experiences truly memorable with the emphasis being on the food, not what you wear. Your tuxedos can certainly stay at home!

Medical essentials

Whilst we have medicine on-hand for emergencies, it’s always best to be prepared. Create a small medical pack that contains a high-factor sun cream and afterburn location (just in case), antihistamines, plasters, painkillers and insect repellent. Antihistamines are a fast-acting decongestant for anyone suffering with hay fever, and they offer relief for small insect bites.

Whilst the risk is incredibly low, we do suggest partaking in a course of malaria medication prior, and/or during your stay with us.

 For all abroad holidays, travel insurance is imperative and offers complete peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the full.

Should you experience any mild back tension or muscles aches, we highly recommend soothing away the pain with a visit to our spa – the hands of our trained wellness experts will help to dissipate any stresses of the day and we propose this to guests who have first arrived after a long journey.

Charged up

Adapters are often one of the must-have essentials that many of our guests forget to pack, and with the use of phones, shavers, tablets and laptops, they are always in high-demand. Buy a universal adapter for South Africa before your trip to make sure you are never without power, and make sure you have the correct cables packed.

Capturing the moment

There will be so many incredible moments that you will appreciate during your stay with us – the Moditlo Private Reserve itself is home to a magnificent pack of Wild Dog, Leopards, Rhino and Elephant and Moholoholo, the animal rehabilitation centre, allows you to see endangered animals that we are nursing back to health – these are experiences that you’ll surely want to capture on film and whether you do that with your mobile phone or a camera, make sure you’ve brought an adapter and charger for both!

Binoculars stand you in good stead of spotting shy creatures in the bush as you head off for game drives or assisted walks. They will allow you to spot a vast array of wildlife, without you having to get too close.

Whatever you pack, or don’t pack, you can be assured of a truly spectacular stay with us in our perfect piece of heaven.