The beauty of the African safari is that anytime of the year will grant you breath-taking scenery and an experience that you will cherish forever. However, should you have certain animals, birds or fauna that you wish to see, a penchant for peace and quiet, or you wish to embrace a South African summer, we’ve selected our favourite times of the month to visit.

January – April

For avid bird watchers, this is the perfect time of year to break out the binoculars and spot extraordinary winged wonders in and around Moditlo as well as in the Kruger National Park.

This is the high season for us, bringing with a wealth of visitors from around the world to enjoy the region.

Typically, the middle of the day is hot and humid, thunderstorms are common, and whilst birding is fantastic because of migratory birds, wildlife viewing is not as good as during the Low, dry season. With the larger water pockets available, animals are able to spread themselves across the park, thus making game drives a thrilling expedition with guests excitedly trying to be the first to spot a member of the Big Five.

As this time of the year, we advise taking precautionary antimalarial treatment.

From the end of April, Autumn beings to set in and the once green and lush lands start to gently sway into browns, bronzes and golds. The landscape becomes sparser and the temperatures begin to lower, bringing with lovely coolness.

May – June

The Landscape around us is now completely under Autumn’s spell, and whilst devoid of greenery and looking quite leafless and barren, sparser vegetation means greater viewing potential.

Wildlife usually gathers around water and available vegetation which makes viewing far easier. Heading to the watering holes, our guides will find large numbers of animals to show you. For those of you self-driving to the Kruger National Park, with this being the Low season, there are far less people, less distractions, and the roads within the park are often free from other visitors giving you full reign to leisurely explore the park. For those wanting to embrace a slower, more relaxed pace, this time of the year will suit you perfectly.

Daytime temperatures are mild and prone to being colder at night so do pack warmer clothing, especially for those early morning game drives.

This is a great period to visit as there is virtually no risk of malaria.

July – August

Brace yourself for crisp mornings and chilled evenings, but revel in the optimized viewing to be experienced at this time of the year – game viewing in the Moditlo Private Game Reserve is at its peak because visibility is unobstructed by foliage. You will also find a vast amount of wildlife congregating around various watering holes in the vicinity. Bring along a camera and a good lens and be prepared to capture some epic shots.

September – October

Spring is breaking forth and this marks the beginning of the rainy season. Buds begin to appear on trees and new leaves begin to unfurl, but this doesn’t mean that game viewing is hampered. During this time, birds engage in courtship rituals and game still gathers in large, concentrated packs at the watering holes. For those who are looking for a perfect combination of wildlife and warmer weather, visiting at this time of the year will afford you both.

Towards the end of October, the heat begins to break through with more intensity, and flora and fauna blooms in magnificent quantities offering botanical lovers plenty of varied species to marvel over.

October marks an increase in mosquitos because of the rain, so do take precautions.

November – December

The days are getting longer, and the air is getting warmer. As vegetation has doubled, game viewing becomes increasingly harder, and the start of the High season has begun.

Early November offers sightings of young animals which is spell bounding to see, and as it is the impala breeding seasons, predators can be spotted easily amongst the foliage.

From December onwards, we are in the rainy season, and though visibility might be slightly less than the previous months, spending Christmas surrounded by the gentle grace of elephants, the melodic sounds of over 502 bird species, and the chance to see our pack of rare wild dogs, will be the most unique gift you give yourself this year.

No matter the time of year, the varied experiences to be enjoyed throughout the year make Moditlo a year-round destination.

Thanks to hot air balloon rides, the panorama route, Spar and the Moholoholo rehabilitation centre, outside of our exciting game drives, and a visit to the Kruger National park, there is a wealth of activities guaranteed to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. The only thing you