About Moditlo

Set within the Blue Canyon Conservancy at the foot of the famous Drakensberg mountain range, Moditlo is in close proximity to the Greater Kruger National Park. Pronounced 'mo-di-tlo', this popular retreat and bush-getaway takes its name from the herds of majestic elephants that roam the whopping 36,000 acres of African bushveld that make up the reserve.

Blue Canyon Conservancy boasts bio-diversity that rivals and even exceeds that of South Africa's premier wildlife destinations. The vegetation is made up of Northern Thornveld and Southern Bushwillow Woodlands, two distinct eco-zones that each supports a plethora of animal species. Depending on the time of year, visitors may encounter elephants, leopards, rhinos, cheetahs, hippos, as well as a pack of wild dogs (the second rarest African carnivore species, with only an estimated 2000 remaining specimens). Birdwatchers can also look forward to ample sightings of the several hundred bird species typical to the lowveld.

Scattered throughout the reserve are numerous lakes, perennial streams and dams that support the growth of large trees and underbrush, providing the perfect habitat for the wide variety of wildlife species that call Moditlo home. Book your space today and allow us to share our piece of paradise and introduce you to this unforgettable safari destination.