There is something so life-altering about relaxing in a Boma under the magical African sky, surrounded by nothing but the soothing melodies of nature in the heart of the African bushveld.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the Boma:

What is a Boma?

As defined in the Oxford Dictionary:

Noun – (In eastern and southern Africa) an enclosure, especially for animals.

The word Boma dates back to pre-colonial Africa and was used in many parts of the African Great Lakes region, including Central and Southern African. The word actually originates from Swahili and is traditionally known as an enclosure, a stockade or fort used to protect people’s livestock (usually sheep and cattle). It was typically built out of branches knit together.

The Boma has long become a part of the African culture, where a fire is lit, delicious foods are prepared and friends and family gather around the fire to eat, drink and share in storytelling.

What is the Boma used for today?

Today, at many different safari lodges around Africa, including Moditlo River Lodge, the Boma is an exceptionally unique gathering place where special tribal dining experiences are hosted. After an adventurous day spent in the bush, this is the place for the coming together of people, storytelling and unforgettable African wine & dine experiences.

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